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Go Foods (GoFo)


GOFO (GO FOODS) is a sophisticated, mobile food truck aimed at offering high-quality, moderately priced, distinctively upscale taste and quick service to the customers, where they can quickly grab a bite and continue with their day. Initially to be started in Vijayawada, India.

I collaborated with TRD Studios and Madhura K to deliver the brand experience for the restaurant.


The branding primarily focused on the speed of the service the food truck offered. The vision is- "Be a leading quick-service restaurant franchise while delivering fresh, delicious food quickly without compromising on quality and the customer’s time."


I gave a character to the brand by formulating a communication strategy using comic strips. These amusing situations/stories would help the people to connect, though, this won’t be part of the actual food truck. The comics are a quick way of communicating stories and the comic-styled marketing collaterals would have amusing food situations.

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