Let me introduce myself.

I'm a visual designer currently based in Mumbai, India. I love stories and my passion for Photography and Writing has helped me connect with people from all walks of life.

Even though I'm professionally interested in every process of designing, but I'm quite interested in creating brand experiences.

Being an introvert and jittery child I used to break open every new electronic gadget we received at home. I was quite interested in technology and learning about how things work, hence, I started out as an Engineer, finishing my Diploma in Engineering with Computer Technology as my area of study, from V. E. S. Polytechnic.

As soon as I completed my 10th-grade exam, I got pretty interested in Graphic Design and the works of Paul Rand, Milton Glaser, and Justin Maller caught my ‘creative eye’.

However, I got exposed to design as a career option while working as a designer for the annual college magazine and was inspired to pursue design as a career. I was also actively writing a technology-based blog and running a YouTube channel to present my views on the new technological advancements. I further expanded to writing about Travel and My Bucket List too. In the process of sharing my views, I created an identity for myself - The Gud1. 

In 2017, I joined Whistling Woods International to learn more about design with a focus on branding and typography. While I'm a student, I've spent equal time working as an intern or a freelance graphic designer to improve myself. 

Besides work, I love photography, it makes me more observant of my surroundings and helps me express myself and my views more visually.

Bhavish Shah

Communication Designer


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