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The Pandemic is a "Human" Problem

2021 didn't go as per anyone's expectations. We expected the start of getting back to normal, we expected going back to our offices, we expected getting back to our universities/colleges and seeing everyone again. But well, now it's a rewind of 2020 with a more raging pandemic.

The situation outside is frightful, I haven't stepped out of my home for more than a month now. Everyone lost something this year. Some lost far too much – health, homes, jobs, and, most heartbreakingly-loved ones. Some lost less tangible things–a sense of safety, of faith, of community, peace of mind, and hope. There is still socio-political injustice around the world which has led to many deaths. It is the time we all collectively mourn a loss; a loss of a world we’d become too comfortable with. While we mourn those we lost, let's just take moment and think about how much humanity we've been left with? "People will die," are these really the words you want everyone to remember you saying? Are you even human, if you've lost compassion and empathy to a fellow human. Every religion, every faith talks about protecting and respecting your fellow human. I could quote loads of other shit our relatives, friends, and political leaders have said about their views about this pandemic but, you've already heard it. You already have your views, and probably you won't even understand the gravity of this situation we're caught in even after losing something. But this is just my plea to all my fellow humans, to not lose your humanity. The death of even one human is bad! Let's reach out to as many people as we can. Help! Hear their prayers out! Nobody is richer or poorer at this time, nobody is from any religion, everyone is going through something. Some are losing more, some less. But that doesn't make the situation you're going through any different. We're all going through a pandemic!

If only we'd spent the time we had to build a better medical infrastructure than fighting over religion, race, and faiths. This situation would've been better. It has become for many. Israel has announced its victory over the virus. New Zealand has beautifully controlled the virus. Bhutan has been able to vaccinate most of its population. If only we believed in our medical staff more than some leader, if only! I hope by the time you're reading this, you or someone you know may have already received a COVID-19 vaccine. The fact that these vaccines are already becoming available is, so remarkable, considering the virus was almost unknown at the beginning of last year. I'm grateful to all the medical staff, essential workers, all the researchers, and everyone who's made sure about our safety, everyone who worked round the clock to make sure a safe and effective vaccine could be made available to the world. I know I'm a designer by profession, and probably this blog on my online profile may have some adverse effects at some point because I've put my thoughts out. But I had to say this and reach out to people I can reach out to. Please let's just be human and not let our socio-political differences affect the human relationship we're born with. Let's not make this about a particular faith, caste, or country! This is a human problem and we as humans have to deal with it! Please check out the below links for resources related to COVID-19. I want to thank @kavirkaycee for collating all the resources.

*PAN-India verified resources*

Everyone, please Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!


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