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CasaSky - Realty Project


CasaSky - Amara Realty


A Realty Company Amara Realty is launching a new property called CasaSky. The audience is upper socio-economic class, elite, rich. The residential property is being pre-sold on a promise of an exclusive lifestyle. The firm needs a property logo and motif. The project visualises the needs of the target audience provides a identity to Amara CasaSky.


The aim of the project is to effectively design a brand identity that reflects a fluid & elite lifestyle. By focusing on clean typography, symbolism, and relevance to current design trends, I aimed to create a logo that is memorable, visually appealing, and relevant to the target audience of upper socio-economic class, elite, and rich. The result is a logo that effectively captures the essence of the "CasaSky" project and conveys its promise of an exclusive lifestyle in a simple and elegant manner.

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